March-April 2012

Huntsville International Airport Finishes 2011 with New Air Cargo Record

Huntsville International Airport today announced that 206,040,435 pounds of cargo passed through the airport during 2011. For HSV, this represents a 32% increase year-over-year compared to North America international air cargo freight  which was down 1% in 2011.

This was the highest amount of freight ever handled at the airport and an overall increase of 18% above our previous record year in 2007.

“We are pleased that air cargo has had such a strong performance this year.  Currently, we are ranked 16th in the nation for international air cargo and see a bright future for new cargo opportunities”, stated Rick Tucker, executive director, Huntsville International Airport.

 According to Betty Fletcher, Chairman, Board of Directors, Huntsville International Airport, “The air cargo infrastructure investments we have made at Huntsville International enable us to provide efficient, effective and economical benefits and services for our customers so they can compete in the global marketplace.”  View the entire article.

Boeing Dreamliner Lands at HSV on 2nd Leg of Dream Tour

Boeing brought its 787 Dreamliner to Huntsville International Airport  (HSV) on Jnauary 27 as part of Boeing’s 2nd segment of the Dream Tour.  The third 787 flight test airplane, ZA003, touched down to cheers from Boeing Huntsville Design Center engineers and then taxied to an air cargo ramp adjacent to Panalpina’s flight operations, to set up for Boeing employee tours.

“We are excited to welcome the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Huntsville International Airport.  With Boeing Huntsville located here our Jetplex Industrial Park, it has been a wonderful opportunity to utilize the Airport’s infrastructure to have the 787 Dreamliner land here -giving Boeing employees a chance to see the airplane’s significant innovations up close,” stated Rick Tucker, executive director, Huntsville International Airport.  View the entire article.

HSV International passes FAA 139 Annual Inspection

Congratulations to the Operations & Maintenance staff for passing the FAA annual inspections without a discrepancy.   This marks the 15th conservative year the airport has received this rating.  View the entire article.

HSV Loves Customer Service in February with "Show the Love" Recognition Campaign

Huntsville Airport Authority employees and its tenants' employees had the chance to share how they were "showing the love"  to HSV customers in February with a "Love Customer Service" campaign.  Even our HSV customers could submit a comment form letting us know about great customer service they received. 

Twenty-one "Outstanding" nominations qualified as above and beyond customer service  personifying  "Show the Love" customer service during the month. These nominations were included in drawings for special prizes. 

But customer service is always a part of what we do here at HSV every day so let us know how we are doing. 

Click the red heart on our homepage and share your great customer service story with us any time.

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Travel Tip of the Month: Don't forget to pack liquids like sunscreen lotion in your checked baggage.  Check below for more tips about packing liquids, gels, and aerosols and go to for the latest security policies.

 Pack liquids/gels/aerosols in your checked baggage. For a short trip you are permitted to carry-on 1 quartsize, clear plastic, zip-top bag holding 3 ounces or less containers of liquids, gels or aerosols. Limited to one bag per traveler.

**Exceptions include:

  • baby formula/breast
    milk/baby food while traveling with a
    small child
  • medications
  • liquids (to include water, juice or liquid nutrients)
  • gels for diabetics
  • other medical needs.

**All exceptions must be declared to the Security Officer for screening.