Traveler Tips

General Info

Huntsville International Airport is open 24 hours a day; however, airline ticket counters and concessions have their own hours of operation. To view those hours please visit:

Airlines at Huntsville International Airport recommend arriving 1 hour to 1 ½ hour prior to your scheduled departure time for domestic travel. *Note that peak travel time at Huntsville International Airport includes the early morning hours on Monday and the afternoon hours Thursday and Friday. Passengers are encouraged to allow extra time during these peak travel times.

A government issued photo ID is required at check-in and security checkpoint. Starting October 1, 2021, every air traveler will need to present a REAL ID-compliant license or another acceptable form of identification for domestic air travel. For more information visit here. Boarding passes are required to enter security checkpoint. Check in at the ticket counter, at an e-ticket machine, online, or curbside, if available for your carrier. Children under 18 are not required to have a photo ID.


Unacceptable Items

For a complete list of items prohibited from either carry-on or checked baggage please visit the TSA website,, or call the TSA contact center toll free at 1-866-289-9673.

TSA Pre-Check

TSA Pre-Check is a Trusted Traveler program administered by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This program allows eligible low-risk travelers to enjoy expedited security screening. For local enrollment, centers click here. For questions on eligibility please click here.

Global Entry

Global Entry includes TSA Pre-Check by also offers travelers international benefits. Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. Members enter the United States through automatic kiosks at select airports including Huntsville International Airport. Click here for more details.


Be cautious when packing bags. Federal Security Screeners often need to open and physically search a bag during the screening process. Overstuffed bags are more difficult to close when opened and could result in delays for checked luggage. Also, most airlines charge fees for overweight bags.

Pick-ups and Drop-offs

Travelers that are being dropped off or picked up at the airport may use the 10-minute “waiting spaces” that are provided free of charge for these customers. Waiting spaces are located immediately in front of the terminal building and are equipped with a timer that will begin when a vehicle enters the space and then flash to indicate when the time has expired. A large canopy covers this area to protect passengers and their belongings from the elements during loading and unloading. Due to security restrictions, vehicles must be attended at all times while in a 10-minute waiting space.

In addition, we offer the first 30 minutes of parking in the hourly deck for free.

Group Travel

Checking in with large groups can overwhelm the available space at the ticket counter and TSA lanes. It is beneficial for large groups to split in half and some members enjoy the waiting area next to Elite Travel on the first floor of the terminal while others check in. Remember to proceed to the security checkpoint as members receive their tickets instead of waiting as a large group in the terminal. This will prevent delays at the TSA security checkpoint. Each member of the group should hold onto his or her own boarding pass and photo ID. You can meet back up on the concourse. (Designate a location to meet—at your designated gate or McAlister’s Deli for instance.)

You may also e-mail ahead of time if you have a large school group, etc. traveling and we will provide this information to TSA for planning.

Advanced Boarding Passes

Many airlines allow passengers to visit their website to check-in and print their boarding passes prior to arriving at the airport. Passengers who print their boarding passes or have them on their phones can then proceed directly to the gate once passing through TSA. Check with your airline for more information.

Foreign Currency

Huntsville International Airport does not offer foreign currency exchange. Check with your local bank or credit union before arriving at the airport.

Leisure Travel

Vacations are a good time to play; however, take care when packing your sports equipment. Golf clubs should be washed prior to flying to prevent possibly triggering baggage screening equipment. Clubs should be in a travel bag and must be checked. For a full list of what you can and cannot bring, please visit, screening/whatcanibring/all-list, or call the TSA contact center toll free at 1-866-289-9673.