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The Department of Public Safety at the Port of Huntsville (POH) strives to provide world-class police, fire, and first response EMS services and protection to the Port of Huntsville community. Those we serve include passengers and visitors to Huntsville International Airport (HSV), those doing business at the International Intermodal Center and Jetplex Industrial Park, and the many tenants and employees involved on the Port of Huntsville campus every day.

Originally organized as the airport police, the POH Department of Public Safety was formed in 1996. This transformed our agency into the only one in the State of Alabama that fully cross-trains sworn members as both certified police officers and career firefighters.

We believe that honesty, excellent public service, and effective community partnerships are the cornerstones of a professional public safety organization.

HSV Public Safety Officer
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Ask HSV Public Safety – Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of airport-related questions, visit the HSV FAQs page.

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Our public safety officers provide 24-hour on-site service for police, fire, and emergency medical services.

For assistance or to file a Police Report:
P: (256) 461-1116

Chief Chris Scott

Department of Public Safety

Chief Chris Scott

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