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Recent News

Huntsville International Airport Breaks All-time Passenger Record in March

April 17, 2024 — HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (April 11, 2024) – Huntsville International Airport shattered all previous passenger traffic records in March, marking its busiest month on record. The airport saw double-digit incr... READ MORE

Better Bathrooms Are Coming

March 21, 2024 — The restrooms at Huntsville International Airport are clean, like squeaky clean. But after 30 years, it's time to bring those pristine porcelain and tile sanctuaries up to date. The concourse restroom... READ MORE

Breeze Will Fly Non-stop from Huntsville to Los Angeles this Summer

February 20, 2024 — HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (February 20, 2024) – Huntsville International Airport announces the addition of its 14th non-stop route with service to Los Angeles, California. Breeze Airways will add the HSV-LAX... READ MORE

Port of Huntsville Marks Another Year of Growth in Intermodal Transportation

February 16, 2024 — HUNTSVILLE, Ala., (February 15, 2024) – The International Intermodal Center at the Port of Huntsville announces another year of exceptional growth in 2023. The North Alabama inland port saw 24% more... READ MORE

Strong Secures $7 Million for Huntsville International Airport

February 15, 2024 — ***Huntsville International Airport is forwarding this release by Congressman Dale Strong*** WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 13, 2024) – Representative Dale W. Strong is pleased to announce a new Fe... READ MORE